Project Description

SUPERTUG is a head-to-head game for mobile devices. Two players are fighting for control over a single ball. By tilting their devices, they can produce force in a direction, but both players are producing a force on the ball simultaneously.


This project made it to prototype phase, but never past. The challenges of the game's network sync programming were very high, and that was motivating. However, the game did not perform well in initial user tests. I decided the development requirements were too high to continue further.

30 Second Post-Mortem

SUPERTUG was grand idea to reconstruct. Being the child of kindling-games' first jam session, and a re-thinking of the game for mobile devices, it was a compelling project to work on. This fell flat when users were playing the game for a number of reasons. In the end it didn't have that immediate competitive spark that I was searching for, and I moved on to new things.

Where can I get it?

Originally released 12/2013

Unfortunately, this game is unavailable.

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