Rainbow Rapture


Rainbow Rapture is a one-button game in the style of tiny-wings w/ a murderous cloud protagonist. Main features of the game include destroying blimps, wrecking cars, and eating people. Try to get as far as you can!


Another after-hours development excursion. This time the team was Andrea, Bob, Kristen, and I. This was another Xna game but targeted at mobile. We sat down to build a different mobile experience and said eff-it and tried to build the most clone-y game we possibly could. As it turns out, we're really bad at making clones, given how unique this one turned out.

30 Second Post-Mortem

This game had serious pull! We dominated the windows phone free marketplace, taking top 10 a couple of times, and to this day, we still have very highly rated app. Unfortunately, we built this game in Xna for the windows phone. Dominating the windows phone marketplace with an ad supported game is the equivalent of a pizza party a month. Not sure that we would have done better on android or iOS, but we'll never know...

Where can I get it?

Originally released 12/2011

Available on Xbox and Windows Phone

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