Little Weebo


Little Weebo is a side-scrolling action-puzzle game where you lead a team through the exit of a series less-than-ten-second levels. A cross between Lemmings and Batman's utility belt, you have to be quick, but also strategize the best way to complete these levels.


This game holds a special place in my heart. It was the first game of my full-time independent development career. My first foray into Unity development, and my first time doing game art. The game was designed, planned and functional in just under two weeks. 9 months later, the art had been redone twice, the levels had all been created and reworked several times, and I had taken several breaks to make money for food.

30 Second Post-Mortem

This game was incredibly hard to make. This had nothing to do with programming or really the development of the game. It had *everything* to do with the challenges of self-driven independent work. I spent all waking hours agonizing over finance, the quality of my work, how I spent my time, and my self-worth. To be fair, I still do all of these things now, I'm just much better at it. This game taught me how to compose music, make art, and gave me a huge boost to giving myself a break.

Where can I get it?

Originally released 12/2012

Little Weebo is up on basically everything. Although its UI is dated on newer mobile devices.

iOS | android | kongregate | desura |

and here's a bonus let's play in czech

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