HOCKEE is a local grudge match for two people with at least two fingers apiece and no serious personal space issues. Rush the puck, slam your opponent, and make a mad dash for the goal before they figure out how to turn around.


Hockee was built over about 5 days with Dean Tate. Dean and I had never worked together before, but it was a very pleasant experience. The development of this game was sort of a trial of our potential working relationship. We did not make a game together afterwards because the game that Ben and I were working on (EBE) did not interest Dean. Dean went on to make the awesome game Captain Forever Remix.

30 Second Post-Mortem

This game is one of the best games I've made, very fun simple concept delivered well. We never sold it, but we definitely enjoyed making it. :D

Where can I get it?

Originally released 01/2014

Play the web version here

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