Hieronymus Bash


Hieronymus Bash (pronounced hy-ron-e-mus) is an apocalyptic couch-play dodgeball game. Similar in feel to smash brothers, the game sports quick action and requires fast reflexes. Be the last lil' devil or angel standing!


This game was made for the Xbox Live Community Games platform in XNA 2. Bob, Andrea, Kurt, Whitney and I made it in about 6 months while working full time jobs at Microsoft and Monolith. Late nights and lots of pizza were needed for this one. The game's profits did not cover pizza expenses. :P

30 Second Post-Mortem

This is still one of the best games I've ever worked on or made. I've brought it to several indie arcade-type meetups and it's always a huge hit. Unfortunately, we made the game outside the window of fervent local-play games, on a platform full of single-players and single player experiences. This did not bode well for sales.

Where can I get it?

Originally released 04/2009

You can download it for a buck onto your 360, here.
Alternatively, you can download it for PC for free here.

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