Every Book Ever

Project Description

Every Book Ever is a parlor game about literature, creativity, and lying to your friends. Players are presented with real books and have to convince other players that their fake sentences are in fact the real first sentence of the book.


Ben and I started working on ebe in February of 2014. The game has an html5 web client, with a ruby on rails back-end. Within 2 weeks, we had a fun, entertaining, and working prototype. We hired a contract artist to revamp the ui around 5 months into development. At 8 months, Polygon wrote an article about us. At around 9 months of development, we stopped working on the game.

30 Second Post-Mortem

This project continues to today to be a viable business opportunity. There were several factors together that caused us to stop working on the project, but the biggest was motivation. Who knows what might have happened if our book-selling affiliates had ever kicked us back some money.

Where can I get it?

Originally released 09/2014

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