Drizzly Bear
Based in Seattle, Washington

Founding date:
June 9, 2011


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Drizzly Bear is Sean Gubelman’s corporate entity and has been creating game experiences with a handful of different partners since 2011. Before founding Drizzly Bear, Sean worked at Microsoft on Fable 2, Alan Wake, and a handful of Kinect launch titles, and at MassivelyFun on the massively multiplayer game WordSquared.



In 2008, I was working at Microsoft on Fable 2. A few of us decided that having a full time job working on games was not enough (as you do). Kindling Games was made up of Andrea and Bob Roberts, Greg Raab, Kurt Loidl, Whitney Hills and myself. We would get together in the evenings after work and jam out game ideas in XNA. Eventually, we created Hieronymus Bash: a couch multiplayer arena dodgeball game. Released on Xbox Live Community Games in 2009; the game was a terrific failure. Quickly we learned that players on XBLCG did not 'couch co-op'. Even though it's definitely one of the best games I've worked on to-date, it was definitely before its time and delivered to the wrong platform.

Quitting Microsoft

After a few years of working at microsoft (Alan Wake, Kinect Launch titles), and not working on my own independent projects. I decided to take the leap. I quit microsoft and joined a startup to work on massively multiplayer scrabble game WordSquared. It was a strange experience and a good stepping stone from publisher-side large company development work to managing and running my own company. It was about 7 months before I started my next project with the officially incorporated Kindling Games, made up of Andrea and Bob, Kurt, Kristen Bornemann and I. Together in this second attempt, we created Rainbow Rapture. The closest thing to a clone we could come up, with a murderous cloud w/ rainbow, following the control style and feel of tiny wings. We released it ad supported and it was HIGHLY successful... on windows phone. Needless to say, this did not pay the bills.

Sustainable Indie Dev

I took up contract work to support my own experiments, and got right to work. Practicing music composition, digital painting, graphic design, and creating a number of games across several collaborations (Benjamin Johns, Dean Tate, Ian Cox). Keeping my day-job to hourly wages made my work schedule more predictable and flexible. Each game getting me closer to the ultimate goal of a project that can remove the need for contract work.

hackmud and the future

hackmud is the game that was created when I ran out of videogames to play during a post-project binge. It breaks all the 'good business decision' rules and somehow works. It is extremely hard to implement, maintain; is extremely complex and has a very small target audience. I love it. Eventually one of these games will lead to sustainability. I have a feeling this one has a really good chance.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "h a c k m u d funded" - IndieFund

Selected Articles

Radical Dreamland
Lena Chappelle is a wonderful musician. Check out her contract game audio website at radicaldream.land.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Sean Gubelman
All the hats

Benjamin Johns
Writing, Programming, Design

Lena Chappelle
Composing, Sound Design

Kristen Bornemann
Production, Design, Programming

Jess Floyd

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